The Music

September Music

Friday, September 3rd: Tom Brusky Band (7-11pm)

Saturday, September 4th: Tom Brusky Band (7-11pm)

Friday, September 10th: Keith Gennerman (7-11pm)

Saturday, September 11th: Keith Gennerman (7-11pm)

Friday, September 17th: David Austin Band (7-11pm)

Saturday, September 18th: Gary Beal Band (12-4) Dorf Kapelle (4-8) Gary Beal Band (8-11pm)


Friday, September 24th: Gary Beal Band (7-11pm)

Saturday, September 25th: Gary Beal Band (7-11pm)

Check the Come Back In & Up North websites for music schedules.
Stay tuned for updates.

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