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Das Boot Game Rules


The boot game uses a 2 liter glass boot filled with beer and gets better as the group playing grows larger. The glass boot originated from tales dating back before Germany, to Prussian generals who would drink from glass boots in celebration of victory. Come in, grab a boot, and play one of Madison's favorite drinking games!

Tradition Number 1. Das Boot must never be set on the table.
Tradition Number 2. Das Boot should be drank with the toe pointed up... watch out for that air bubble!
Tradition Number 3. Das Boot must be passed around the table for everyone to share.
Tradition Number 4. Das Boot must be flicked once before drinking and once before passing it to the next person.
Tradition Number 5. The last person to NOT finish Das Boot (a.k.a the person who drank immediately before the person who finished it) has to buy the next Boot.
Tradition Number 6. Once the bier in Das Boot is low enough for someone to finish during their turn, everone at the table must initiate the ceremonial table pounding for encouragement. Other patrons at the Essen Haus will follow suit in solidarity.

(Unofficial) Tradition Number 7: Once the bier is gone, get another boot! Three boots will win you a free T-shirt.


Live music everyone wants to dance to Tuesday - Saturday nights!

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